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139 Victoria Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

WENDY VOON knits is a contemporary Australian women's wear label, specialising in knitwear. Her beautiful and unique pieces are  designed and made  in Melbourne, Australia. 

Unique, sculptural and timeless. 



Wendy Voon is the owner and designer of WENDY VOON, a Melbourne-based contemporary knitwear label established in 2005.  

'Sculptural' and 'architectural' are two terms that have been used to describe her designs.   These terms reflect Wendy's design philosophy and sensibility.  

'The design process .... the interplay of lines, texture, drape, the space between the body and the garment.  A piece is successful when it conveys a sense of potential; transforming when worn into something amazing and right'.

Since she was a child, Wendy has been interested in garments. One of her earliest memories is drawing and cutting out paper dresses for her paper dolls.  She learnt to crochet and knit in primary school, and then progressed to three-dimnesional forms, dressing her dolls in her own designs.  After being taught how to follow a knit pattern by a family friend, Wendy moved into life-sized garments.  This in turn led to a period of '80s-inspired jumpers that are best forgotten.

Wendy works with knitters on domestic knitting machines, as well as a local Melbourne knitting mill.  

All pieces are made in  Australia.