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WENDY VOON knits is a contemporary Australian women's wear label, specialising in knitwear. Her beautiful and unique pieces are  designed and made  in Melbourne, Australia. 

Unique, sculptural and timeless. 




To ensure the longest life of your garment please read these care instructions and follow all steps recommended.  Please hang onto your swing tag for garment content.  If you decide to remove the care label for wearing please please keep it in a safe place for reference when laundering.

WOOL and Natural fibres

Natural fibres are breathable, and especially for those garments not worn against the body – infrequent laundering is recommended. Often it is enough to air a garment, and perhaps launder it once or twice a season.

For best results use a liquid product designed for delicate garments. Alternatively you may use your shampoo. Make sure the product is completely dissolved in cool water. Immerse the garment and gently wash. Never rub or soak garments. Treat stains as soon as possible prior to laundering using a stain remover which has been tested on the garment in an inconspicuous area. Rinse the garment thoroughly in cool water. Press/squeeze to remove water – NEVER wring


When machine washing your garments use only the Wool cycle with cold water. Washing in appropriate sized loads rather than cramming the machine full will help reduce pilling.

When dry cleaning is recommended, we recommend locating your closest reputable dry cleaner


The easiest way to shorten drying time is to roll the garment in a towel and gently squeeze the excess water out. Garments should be laid out flat and dried in the shade. We recommend to never tumble dry your knitwear.

Many black or dark coloured fabrics will shine if pressed too heavily. To avoid this try pressing on the wrong side or using a pressing cloth.
Many of our garments are blends of different fibres, please follow the most delicate fibre when it comes to selecting the appropriate pressing temperature. For example for a wool/silk blend, the garment should be pressed on the silk setting of your iron.


Minimise pilling by treating garments gently. When laundering use the shortest laundering time and turn garments inside out.

Pilling will occur in areas where a lot of rubbing occurs (eg. Underarm area). These are the tools we recommend.

Defuzzing comb
This tool looks like a fine toothed comb.
Lay the garment flat and hold it taut. Slide the defuzzing comb briskly down the fabric in the direction of the knit.

Knitwear should be folded not hung. We recommend cedar wood balls to deter moths.

For further information and/or queries regarding the care of your garment please email